• Sales Training for Founders

    In addition to training for sales teams, I've developed my own course in B2B sales for non-sales founders.


    My goal is to provide the most tailored minimum effective dosage to help you sell well. As a founder, it is easy to question product market fit which means it is imperative to control for quality sales so you can confidently isolate true fit.


    My training balances the high-level of mindset and mental framing down to the very specific process and deliverables. I also provide live account support that helps get your active deals closed.

  • Clients

    Y Combinator W18

    Solo Technical Founder

    Values-based hiring for engineers 

    Y Combinator W18

    Technical Founder

    5 Employees

    Dynamic out of home marketing campaigns

    Y Combinator W18

    Technical Founder

    6 Employees

    Platform for real-time recruiting data

    Y Combinator W19

    Technical Founder

    6 Employees

    Automatically catch and fix firmware bugs

    Y Combinator W18

    Solo Technical Founder

    Feature flagging platform

    for managed deployments

    Creative Producer

    60 Employees

    Creative agency with 4 global locations

    Technical Founder

    2 Employees

    Training services

    for parental leave

    Solo Technical Founder

    Teaches secure coding via interactive web apps

    Technical Founder

    5 Employees

    Text-based video editor in the cloud

    Solo Technical Founder

    Publish ready-to-use machine learning models

    2 Technical Co-Founders

    Open source continuous profiling

  • How It Works



    Rigorous assessment of your current process, gaps, and goals.



    I synthesize the findings and create custom deliverables specific to your unique needs.



    Live presentation and training on the deliverables.



    Weekly Calls to provide strategy on active deals and answer any sales questions.


    Real-Time Support

    Ad-hoc real time support provided via phone, email, and SMS.

    Optional joining on live calls to improve meeting outcomes.

    Review your recorded calls then recommendations provided.