Mindfulness will be new to my team, how do you deal with skeptics?

    We welcome skeptics! The MindHawk program starts with an introduction to mindfulness and some of the science behind it, so the program works well for people that are new. We have people practice a few different mindfulness practices to get a sense of their own personal experience and see what works best for them. It’s great to have skeptics ask questions so that we can discuss what concerns they might have.

    Can the program be taught virtually?

    Right now, MH emphasizes the importance of in-person experience, and it must be taught in-person. We are starting to pilot virtual delivery of the program and are measuring the impact (via pre/post assessment) of the virtual program in comparison to the live program. If you have a circumstance that requires a virtual program, please contact fly@mindhawk.co to see if a virtual pilot is appropriate.